My Dying Bride

Angļu death / doom metal žanra absolūtie klasiķi, oriģināli kopā jau no 1990. gada.


Symphonaire Infernus et Spera Empyrium, 1992 ep
As the Flower Withers, 1992
The Thrash of Naked Limbs, 1992 ep
Turn Loose the Swans, 1993
I Am the Bloody Earth, 1994 ep
The Angel and the Dark River, 1995
Like Gods of the Sun, 1996
34.788%... Complete , 1998
The Light at the End of the World, 1999
The Dreadful Hours, 2001
For Darkest Eyes, 2002 dvd
The Voice of the Wretched, 2002 live
Songs of Darkness, Words of Light, 2004
Sinamorata, 2005 dvd
A Line of Deathless Kings, 2006
An Ode to Woe, 2008 live
For Lies I Sire, 2009
Bring Me Victory, 2009 ep
Evinta, 2011