Viens ir karotājs! Sevišķi, ja vēl igaunis…

Festivālā «Under the Black Metal Siege II — Ļaunais Vilnis» uz skatuves kāps igauņu black metal nemiera gara IngWar (īstajā vārdā — Ingmar Aasoja) nu jau kārtējā grupa. Pēdējo triju gadu laikā IngWar-am tādu ir bijis ikurāt trijas gabalas, un pašreizējo projektu sauc Thou Shell of Death.

Tas ir viena cilvēka projekts ar dažiem dzīvajiem biedriem, kas vajadzības gadījumā pievienojas koncertos. Mēs atceramies IngWar no pagājušā gada «Under the Black Metal Siege» festivāla ar Viirastus grupu, kā arī Wrath Is Evergeen uzstāšanos no šī gada maija pasākuma Melnajā Piektdienā.

Sekojošajā intervijā izdarīsim eksperimentu: tā kā visi esam puslīdz izglītoti cilvēki, pamēģināsim atstāt interviju angliski! Ja kāds nesaprot, tad lai pasūdzas komentāros apakšā, vai arī — ja ir cits kas sakāms, tad uz priekšu!

Karametā When we met for the first time, you were playing in Viirastus. Next year, you fronted Wrath Is Evergreen. And now you have a brand new band this year — why are you changing bands more often than girlfriends? :)

IngWar: Haha, girlfriends :) Yes, I started a new project, and I have new girlfriend… everything is equal.

Wrath Is Evergeen was a band that I formed to make experiments. And Viirastus was a band that we formed (with Sajatus) to express our thoughts. Just to play together — and to enjoy it! As Viirastus is currently on hold, I use some other way to express myself. Meaning that Thou Shell of Death is 100% — purely my thoughts and my mind. So finally I have project where I can do what I want.

Wrath Is Evergreen is working slowly on new songs and moving towards to a full-length. We don't play lives at the moment but we are still active. Our last live date with Wrath Is Evergeen on September was the most fucked up live show in our history. We won't play live again before the album will be recorded and come out. All band members are looking towards to strike again.

Karametā Thou Shell of Death: what is the main concept behind this project, and what differences it takes from Viirastus and Wrath Is Evergreen?

IngWar: Main concept of Thou Shell of Death is — to gain that sound of atmosphere I have in my mind, and make listeners to feel as I do. Recorded songs sound exact as I want — in example, I don't want any good and professional mixing. I would like to achieve something that makes people to feel the powerful atmosphere. And I cannot describe it in words.

Some bands can achieve artistic expression in a very minimalistic way. Such as Moon (AUS), Lustre (SWE), Walknut (RUS), Urfaust (NED), Darckspace (CZE), Wedard (GER) and others.

Karametā What are other musicians joining your new project — are they associated with other bands, too? And are they permanent members of Thou Shell of Death, or just touring members?

IngWar: Thou Shell of Death is Thou Shell of Death. Musicians are only for playing live shows. And yes — there are some connections with my other bands, 'cause I cannot put such a burden to anybody and put my trust into unknown members.

Karametā You have toured Germany and Eastern European countries earlier this year. What differences you saw between Baltic and European underground public?

IngWar: Everybody love bands from their own countries, and that's normal. However, the more you go to the West, the more public listens to something new, and support is a bit warmer for new underground bands that are unknown in that area.